Our adventure began with a group of travelers being invited to seek a kidnapped noble in a small town. From there, we’ve fought cultists, monsters, orcs, GOBLINS, pedophiles, and lizard people all in a mad quest to save the world.

The Dwarven Hold


The dwarfs shuddered as they huddled together by the main doors to the once-great city. The outsider and his companions had promised their safety. They had taken the last remaining able-bodied men and told the other dwarfs to wait. The old, the young, and the infirm were all that remained, waiting for a ship that would take them to freedom or for the orcs to come and reclaim their slaves.

Further down, the sounds of battle echoed their way through the empty halls. Surely the adventurers could not withstand the doom that had enveloped the entire dwarven hold. These orcs were too powerful, possessed of an unnatural strength and ferocity. The warriors were all dead and the king banished. How could this small band hope to survive the horde? Then came the silence.The dwarfs huddled closer, sure that their doom would now come. The footsteps’ echoes coming closer to the door extinguished all hope.

From the darkness of the mine came the horrible sight. A giant creature, half-man, half-tree, half-beast, followed by a tentacled beast. In his arms(?) was cradled one of the last dwarven men; the baker named Fred. The creature laid the body down in front of the mob, it’s…face area…twisted in sadness. Behind it emerged the others, the outsider clutching the king’s mighty axe.

“Tell them he fought well,” said the beast with tears in its…eyes (maybe).
“He was a noble dwarf to the end,” added the outsider.
“I will write a song for the ages in his honor,” said the halfling with a twinkle in his eye.
The woman-dragon rolled her eyes and the man-bird played with his knife.

The outsider looked at the sad mob and said, “The orc king is dead, slain by our hands. Whatever possessed those orcs is still down there, however. We must away again. Remember that the ship is on its way. Tell them what you saw here today. Goodbye.”

With that the band of warriors turned away and returned to the darkened city. The halfling caught the eyes of a young dwarf maiden and paused.

“I shall see you again," he said, and with a wink, turned and joined the others.

Disciples of the Flayed God

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